Ocean Ed-Ventures for the Whole Family





A family vacation at Palapas Ventana is filled with nonstop ocean adventures, up-close encounters with astounding marine life and lifelong learning.

Make Palapas Ventana home for a week and you and your family will be howling with laughter, forging cherished memories, letting loose and gaining new insights into the natural world above and below the water.

Education doesn't stop when break starts -- ed-ventures are the new alternative to the conventional family vacation and they're our specialty!

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Kite the Sea of Cortez on a private yacht


Welcome to your dream kite-cation


Secret kite spots with howling northwest wind in picture-perfect locales


SUP, snorkel, swim and whale watch in the "world's aquarium"


Gourmet meals, margaritas and comfy cabins

Join Palapas Ventana for the kite cruise of your dreamsBOOK NOWCruise the Cortez

This 47-foot power catamaran could be your home February 9 to 15, 2018. We'll depart from La Paz, Baja California Sur on our luxury yacht and cruise into the sunset to find uncharted kite spots, dreamy bays, flat water fun and a ocean of adventure. Kite your days away and celebrate by evening on this all-inclusive expedition.

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A Day in Mag Bay: Up Close with the Great Grey Whales

Grey Whale

Palapas Ventana is your home for everything WHALE.


A hush fell over the panga. We knew they were nearby. I studied the surface of the water looking for any ripple, any sign of where the momma grey whale and her calf had gone. How could something so large disappear so quickly in the shallow, protected waters of Magdalena Bay?

And then, in one breathtaking moment, a prehistoric head reared out of the glassy water just a few yards from the boat. Right next to it another miniature head popped up. They both looked like they were smiling - hovering there for a moment before slipping beneath the water again.

Cheers erupted on the boat. I realized I had been holding my breath the entire time.

The staggering power and beauty of these ancient creatures is an experience tough to describe. And in Mag Bay, that experience is right at your fingertips.

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The Palapas Ventana Bucket List


We made the list. Now it's up to you to get them done.

We've put together the definitive list of can't-miss, life-changing, adventurous and silly Palapas Ventana activities and traditions.We want to know if you've done them all, so share your pictures with us on Facebook and Instagram or let us know what you think should be on it.Now get down here and start crossing things off!

The PV Bucket List• Swim with whale sharks in La Paz• Drink a mango margarita at the PV bar• Spearfish blue water for wahoo, marlin and tuna• Swim with sea lions at Isla Cerralvo• Venture to the Santiago hot springs• Spend a day on the beach• Hot tub at sunset• SUP downwinder from hot springs• Learn to kite with Cascade Kiteboarding lessons• Make it to level 7 of the hot dog tour• Try a Vaso Loco from Pinky's in La Paz• Picnic on Isla Cerralvo• Pet a grey whale at Magdalena Bay• Snorkel with the garden eels at Cerralvo• Compete in the Beer Pong Championships of the World of La Ventana• Learn how to make the best Mexican salsa you've ever tasted from PV chefs• Eat for dinner the fish you caught that day• After-dark hunting mission with a local• Kite from Cerralvo to PV• Experience a massage from Theresa• Devour PV’s carne asada fries• Make it to 11 on the PV shock machine• Get towed through a pod of dolphins on the subwing

Want to start checking things off your list? Come stay with us this winter and check off some kiteboarding, SUP and social activities. Find out more here. 

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Five Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Started Kiteboarding



Take Lessons

I know what you’re thinking: I’m fairly coordinated. I pick up new sports pretty quickly. I don’t mind trying to learn on my own - I don’t need lessons! I can tell you from first hand experience that this is not the way to go. No matter who you are or what your background, take kite lessons. Trying to learn on your own can be immensely frustrating, unsafe and even more expensive. Lessons offer a safe and supportive environment with trustworthy kiteboarding gear.

The best scenario for learning to kite looks like this: One windy week, at least three lessons and a commitment of will to learn. Cascade Kiteboarding at Palapas Ventana has a learn-to-kite package that will get you up and riding with some of the best instructors around in the best place in to the world to learn to kite: La Ventana, Baja California Sur. Starting at $985 plus tax, packages include 6 nights accommodation, 3 kite lessons, breakfast and lunch daily and all the trappings of a Palapas Ventana vacation: hot jacuzzi, cold margaritas, incredible authentic food and stunning views of the Sea of Cortez.

Book Your Kite Casita NowIt’s Worth It

Learning to kite can be frustrating. You’ll take two steps forward and one step back. You’ll spend hours floating in the water some days. Other days you’ll feel like you're on top of the world, then the wind will die and you won’t. You’ll laugh and curse and high-five and whoop with satisfaction as you progress.

Maybe it’s because the learning curve is so steep, but the rewards are ever-so-sweet. Every second of struggle is worth it for the sheer joy of kiteboarding. So when you’re having one of those days on the water, remember that it pays off in the end.

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Fall Fish Report: A Tale of Two Coasts


  Dorado in the Sea of Cortez, Baja's wild side on the Pacific: Choose your own adventure and HOOK UP with Baja’s best guides and captains.


Sport, spear or fly, the season is upon us. Warm fall waters bring Dorado up the Sea of Cortez in droves. Reports are that yellowfin tuna have been going “bonkers.”

Seriously, what are you waiting for?


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Wind-ter is Coming


La Ventana kiteboarding is some of the best in the world. Don’t miss out this winter season. Find out how you can kite with us! 

In November, it begins. The Northwest wind is coming back to La Ventana. It’s so close you can taste the salt water. Just two months until ear-to-ear kite grins, high fives over Pacificos and three-session days. We know you have a lot of questions, so let’s get some answers out of the way and get kiting.

Why is everyone talking about La Ventana?

Kiteboarders have discovered a hidden paradise here. La Ventana has it all: consistent thermal winds November to April, affordable (and incredible) food and accommodations, cold Mexican beer and a friendly, stoked community of kiters and windsurfers. Baja California Sur is quintessential Mexico, minus the crowds. And it’s easy to personalize your dream kite-cation: a mellow barbecue with friends watching the sunset, a luxurious day at the spa or a late-night dance party on the beach are all at your fingertips.

 What kite gear should I bring?

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