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Ocean Ed-Ventures for the Whole Family




A family vacation at Palapas Ventana is filled with nonstop ocean adventures, up-close encounters with astounding marine life and lifelong learning.

Make Palapas Ventana home for a week and you and your family will be howling with laughter, forging cherished memories, letting loose and gaining new insights into the natural world above and below the water.

Education doesn't stop when break starts -- ed-ventures are the new alternative to the conventional family vacation and they're our specialty!

Here are 6 of our favorite family activities that dial up the fun and maximize bonding time:

Snorkel Wild and Cerralvo Island

A classic introduction to the wonders of the Sea of Cortez, this island adventure will have you grinning so hard your snorkel mask might start leaking.

Swim with the curious sea lions of the southern tip of Cerralvo Island, explore deserted beaches and snorkel over a sandy expanse of garden eels. Expert dive guides will entertain you with fun facts, tall tales and local history, and our panga captains know these waters better than anyone. You'll come off the water with a newfound appreciation for the rich marine life of the Sea of Cortez and the gem that is Cerralvo Island.

Pet the grey whales in Magdalena Bay

January through March is prime time for getting up close and personal with the incredible grey whales of Magdalena Bay. We'll take you and your family over to the Pacific Ocean side of the Baja peninsula where take a panga out into the shallow lagoon where grey whales and their calves feed, play and breach. You can touch, pet or kiss the whales -- the calves are particularly playful and will hang around until mom says it's time for swimming lessons again. Lunch is in a calm magrove lagoon filled with fascinating birds. End the day with a delicious scallop ceviche made fresh by the locals of San Carlos. Want a closer look at what a day in Mag Bay is like? Click here for a recent blog post on the great grey whales.

Raid the Palapas Ventana library for story time

Want to learn all about Baja's starfish and scallops? We have a book just on invertebrates. Looking to ID that odd-looking bird you saw today? We have a book for that, too. We have all the classics, such as Humann's "Reef Fish," as well as some older, obscure titles that paint a detailed picture of the rich marine and terrestrial life of the Baja Peninsula. Spend a few hours poring over these books and you'll practically be a walking encyclopedia of Sea of Cortez natural history.

Swim with the biggest fish in the world

The whale sharks of La Paz Bay are not to be missed. A quick jaunt down to the La Paz marina and you'll soon be motoring out into the shallow, aquamarine waters flush with yummy plankton. Whale sharks love to feed here, and you can jump in right beside them and swim next to the biggest fish on earth. Don't forget your GoPro to capture this bucket-list moment.

Hike through the desert

The desert landscape of the Baja Peninsula is as full of life as the ocean itself. Explore the stunning vistas with a guided sunrise or sunset hike to Punta Gorda north of La Ventana. Keep an eye out for exotic bugs, learn the names of different species of cacti and enjoy a unique perspective on our little corner of Baja. Also on the docket for dry land activities: visit the massive cacti in nearby El Triunfo or drive to a 35-foot tall waterfall in the Sierra de la Laguna mountains.

Take a day off

Do nothing. That's right - no plans, no activities, no schedule. Take some time to lounge in the sun while the kids splash in the infinity pool. Comb the sandy beach in front of Palapas Ventana for special shells. Have a hearty fish taco lunch, a margarita in the hot tub or watch the little ones play on our mini panga playground. Sometimes the best family moments are unplanned and unstructured. Relax, rejuvenate and reset with the Sea of Cortez as your backdrop to an unforgettable family getaway.

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