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The Palapas Ventana Bucket List


We made the list. Now it's up to you to get them done.

We've put together the definitive list of can't-miss, life-changing, adventurous and silly Palapas Ventana activities and traditions.
We want to know if you've done them all, so share your pictures with us on Facebook and Instagram or let us know what you think should be on it.
Now get down here and start crossing things off!

The PV Bucket List
• Swim with whale sharks in La Paz
• Drink a mango margarita at the PV bar
• Spearfish blue water for wahoo, marlin and tuna
• Swim with sea lions at Isla Cerralvo
• Venture to the Santiago hot springs
• Spend a day on the beach
• Hot tub at sunset
• SUP downwinder from hot springs
• Learn to kite with Cascade Kiteboarding lessons
• Make it to level 7 of the hot dog tour
• Try a Vaso Loco from Pinky's in La Paz
• Picnic on Isla Cerralvo
• Pet a grey whale at Magdalena Bay
• Snorkel with the garden eels at Cerralvo
• Compete in the Beer Pong Championships of the World of La Ventana
• Learn how to make the best Mexican salsa you've ever tasted from PV chefs
• Eat for dinner the fish you caught that day
• After-dark hunting mission with a local
• Kite from Cerralvo to PV
• Experience a massage from Theresa
• Devour PV’s carne asada fries
• Make it to 11 on the PV shock machine
• Get towed through a pod of dolphins on the subwing

Want to start checking things off your list? Come stay with us this winter and check off some kiteboarding, SUP and social activities. Find out more here. 




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